Advanced EEG methods

Course #101-2-25
Monday 10:00-12:00, Room 112, Bldg #98

This graduate level course will teach students advanced techniques for building and analyzing EEG experiments using Matlab. We will build complex (interactive) experiments and perform advanced analyses of EEG data, which will include signal processing in the time and frequency domains. The course will be given in a computer lab, students will write Matlab code themselves, and hand in 2 graded assignments: one small (30%) and one large (70%).

In order to build and analyze the EEG experiments you will need to download and install Psychtoolbox and EEGLab.

Lesson 1: EEG basics & introduction to psychtoolbox – Class files

Lesson 2: ERP experimental design & building a visual experiment – Class files

Lesson 3: Visit my EEG lab, set up and perform an experiment - Data

Lesson 4: Manual ERP analysis of a single subject using EEGLAB (see tutorial)

Lesson 5: Automated ERP analyses for multiple subjects using EEGLAB – Class filesData

Lesson 6: Comparing results across conditions and statistical tests – Class files

Lesson 7: Current Source Density – Class filesGood introCSD Toolbox

Lesson 8: Independent Component Analysis – Simple explanationdetailed explanationClass files

Lesson 9: Fourier transform & Periodograms – Class files

Lesson 10: Spectrograms – Class files

Lesson 11: Coherence – Class files

Lesson 12: Source localization – Class files