Advanced fMRI methods

Course #101-2-15
Tuesdays 10:00-12:00, Room 403, Bldg #35

This graduate level course for Psychology, Cognitive sciences, and Brain Sciences students focuses on advanced techniques for building and analyzing fMRI experiments. During the semester each student will build and carry out an fMRI experiment and perform several types of data analysis using Matlab. The course is taught in a computer lab and students are expected to write a considerable amount of Matlab code at home based on the examples taught in class. The grade will be based on two homework assignment that will be handed-in at the middle and end of the semester (each assignment = 50%).


Lesson 1: Introduction to fMRI – Class files

Lesson 2: Modeling the HRF & building a GLM – Class files

Lesson 3: Single subject analysis I – Class filesMRI data

Lesson 4: Single subject analysis II – Class files, Homework

Lesson 5: Multisubject data analysis – Sub1Sub2Sub3Sub4Class files

Lesson 6: Building experiments w/Psychtoolbox – Class files

Lesson 7: Visit the MRI scanner and run individual experiments

Lesson 8: Noise & head motion – Class files

Lesson 9: Natural stimuli – Class filesScan1Scan2

Lesson 10: Rest scans – Class files

Lesson 11: fMRI Adaptation & Classification – Class files

Almog data

Here is the final project, which is due on the 4.3.18