Autism Seminar

Course #101-1-53
Sundays 10-12, Room 504, Bldg #72

The semester will start with introductory lectures, which will be followed by weekly presentations of scientific papers by the students. The goal of the seminar is to expose the students to current biological, neuroscientific, and cognitive research regarding autism. Research topics will include genetics, animal models, anatomy, post-mortem studies, sensory function, motor function, and cognitive function with a strong emphasis on neuroimaging studies. The necessary methodological background will be covered when discussing each of these topics. Each student will present a scientific paper to the class (50% of the final grade) and write a final paper, which will contain a proposal for future autism research (50% of the final grade).

Attendance in 80% of the classes is obligatory.
Passing grade is 56.
Instructions for how to build a presentation for your scientific paper can be found here.
Instructions for how to write your final paper can be found here.
There are no scheduled office hours. If you want to speak with me please email me first.

List of classes

Lesson 1: Introduction to autism – Powerpoint lecture1

Lesson 2: Introduction to autism research – Powerpoint lecture2

Lesson 3: Genetics – Introduction to genetics, Oroak et al Nature 2012, Pinto et al Nature 2010

Lesson 4: Animal models – Silverman et al Nat. Rev. Neuro. 2010Yizhar et al Nature 2011

Lesson 5: Face processing – Rutishauser et al Neuron 2013Dalton Nat. Neuro. 2005

Lesson 6: Anatomy & Post-mortem studies – Haar Creb. Cor. 2014, Courchesne Neuron 2007Dinstein Mol. Autism 2017

Lesson 7: White matter & Functional connectivity – Wolf Am. J. Psych. 2012, Dinstein Neuron 2011, Finger Cortex 2017

Lesson 8: Biological motion & Eye fixation – Klin et al Nature 2013, Klin et al Nature 2009, Wang et al Neuron 2015

Lesson 10: Neural variability – Dinstein et al 2012Bonneh Front. Neurosci. 2011, Park et. al. 2017

Lesson 11: Mirror system – Dinstein et al Neuron 2010Dapretto et al Nat. Neurosci. 2006

Lesson 11: Perception in autism – Robertson et al J Neuro 2013, Gliga et al Cur. Biology 2015

Lesson 12: Oxytocin - Parker et. al. PNAS 2017, Andari et. al. PNAS 2010

List of student presentations is available here

Final paper is due at midnight on March 7th 2020