BGU Autism center

29-03-2016_015Since the establishment of the lab, we have been leading the creation of the Autism Research Center at BGU and Soroka Hospital. The center is composed of scientists and clinicians who work on autism and other developmental disorders in the Israeli Negev (southern district of Israel - population of approximately one million people). To enable autism research in the Negev, we have built the regional autism database, which contains a wide variety of information about children who are diagnosed with autism and their families including clinical, behavioral, genetic, neuroimaging, blood work, and other measures. We began recruiting families to the database project in January 2015 and have so far had an annual recruitment rate of approximately 200 new families. We continue to actively recruit families for a wide variety of studies and plan to begin several clinical studies in the near future.

Please follow these links to learn more about the research center and regional autism database.