Introduction to Matlab Psychology

Course #101-1-0045
Sundays 12:00-14:00, Room 402, Bldg #35

This course is intended to give undergraduate students a solid foundation in using Matlab for research purposes. After learning the basics of writing code in Matlab, the course will focus on building simple experiments and performing simple analyses of behavioral and EEG data. The course is taught in a computer lab and students without previous experience are expected to spend at least 1-2 hours every week performing exercises at home. The grade will be based on 10 weekly home work assignments (20%) and a final exam (80%).

Attendance in 80% of the classes and lab sessions is obligatory.

Passing grade is 56.
Omer Birka ( is the TAs for the course.

A good way to learn the basics is by following this guide written by Prof. Antonia Hamilton from UCL – PDF

Lesson 1: Basics, vectors, matrices, punctuation, and indexing – Class files

Lesson 2: Basic math, logical operators, basic functions, and basic graphs – Class files

Lesson 3: Basic scripting and flow control – Class files

Lesson 4: Functions and structures – Class files

Lesson 5: Figures – Class files

Lesson 6: Handling files, importing, and exporting – Class files

Lesson 7: Manipulating Images – Class files

Lesson 8: Building a visual experiment – Class files

Lesson 9: Analyzing behavioral data from visual experiment – Class files

Lesson 10: Basic EEG analysis – Class files

Lesson 11: Visual categories EEG experiment – Class files

Lesson 12: Analysis of fMRI data - Class files