Ilan Dinstein
Associate Professor
Ayelet Arazi
PhD Student
Edan Daniel
Master's Student
Ayelet is exploring individual differences in neural variability magnitudes and their relationship with perceptual, cognitive and attentional processes. Additionally, Ayelet is studying sleep disturbances in children with autism.Edan is exploring the neural and perceptual correlates of trial-by-trial variability quenching in healthy adult populations, using EEG and MEG recordings.
Yaniv Paz
PhD Student
Noa Finger
PhD Student
VLUU L200  / Samsung L200
Yaniv is exploring trial-by-trial neural-variability quenching in adult individuals with and without autism, and how this measure relates to visual-perception abilities, using EEG recordings.Noa's research focuses on brain connectivity in toddlers with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), using DTI scans. In addition, Noa is leading a behavioral study exploring the contribution of language skills in the diagnosis of ASD.
Alex Gorodetski
PhD Student
Michal Ilan
PhD Student
Alex is developing an automated system to allow detection of Autism from voice recordings of children.
Gal Eylon
Master's Student
Sarit Doitsch
Research Assistant
Gal's research focuses on identifying differences and abnormalities in the sleep of children with autism as compared to the sleep of typically developing children. To achieve this goal she is utilizing a Fitbit sensor, recording the children's sleep and activity for a period of 5 days.
Alona Molch -Haimovich
PhD Student
Nitzan Gabbay
Master's Student
Alona is a behavior analyst, Sleep consultant, Parental-guide and professional manager of daycare centers for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Her research project focuses on developing a behavioral intervention program for children with ASD and sleep disturbances. The impact of the program will be assessed using both subjective and objective measures.Nizan is a master's student in developmental psychology, studying the impact of early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) on the child's development.
Marina Musaelyan