Sensory & Motor Development Seminar

Course #101-1-34
Tuesdays 10-12, Small Seminar Room, 3rd floor, Bldg #98

The semester will start with introductory lectures about sensory and motor systems and research techniques, which will be followed by weekly presentations of scientific papers by the students. The goal of the seminar is to expose the students to recent neuroscience research regarding the development of sensory and motor systems in the human brain by discussing neuroimaging studies in humans and electrophysiology studies in animals. The necessary methodological background will be covered when discussing each of these topics. Each student will present a scientific paper (30% of the final grade) and write a final paper, which will contain a proposal for future research (70% of the final grade).

Attendance in 80% of the classes is obligatory.
Passing grade is 56.
Instructions for how to build a presentation for your scientific paper can be found here.
Instructions for how to write your final paper can be found here.
There are no scheduled office hours. If you want to speak with me please email me first.

Lesson 1: Introduction to sensory systems – Lesson1 Powerpoint

Lesson 2: Introduction to the motor system – Lesson2_Powerpoint

Lesson 3: Introduction to brain development – Lesson3 Powerpoint

Lesson 4: Development of visual orientation selectivity – Sharma Nature 2000, Sengpiel Nature 1999

Lesson 5: Amblyopia and Strabismus – Li PLOS Bio 2011

Lesson 6: Development of face processing – Golarai Nat. Neuro. 2007

Lesson 7: Auditory development – Chang Science 2003, Sharma Hear. Res. 2005

Lesson 8: Stress and brain development – Lupien Nat Rev Neurosci 2009

Lesson 9: Affects of maternal deprivation – Liu Nat. Neuro. 2000, Ellenbroek Bio. Psych. 2004

Lesson 10: Importance of sensory enrichment – Praag Nat. Rev. Neuro. 2000, Sheridan PNAS 2012

Lesson 11: Motor system development – Olveczky PLOS Bio 2005Martin Neuroscientist 2005

Lesson 12: Neural plasticity in children and adults – Bavelier J. Neurosci 2010

The final paper is due on the 21.3.17 by 23:59